Amanda Dillon
Chrishell Stause
Chrishell Stause as Amanda Dillon
All My Children
Portrayed by: Brett & Kevin Salvaggio (1992-1993)
Julia & Leigh Pikus (1993-1994)
Phoebe Cutter (1994-1996)
Alexis Manta (1996-2000)
Chrishell Stause (2005-2011)
Duration: 1992-2000 & 2005-2011
First appearance: May 14, 1992
Last appearance: September 23, 2011
Cause/reason: Left town with Jake and Trevor Martin
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Family: Dillon family
Marlowe family
Full name: Amanda Maureen Dillon
Gender: Female
Born: May 14, 1983
(originally May 14, 1992)
Occupation: Unemployed/Housewife
Residence: Miami, Florida
Parents: Trevor Dillon (father, deceased)
Janet Marlowe (mother)
Siblings: Tim Dillon (paternal adopted half-brother)
Marital status: Jake Martin (married; 06/2009-)
Children: Trevor Martin (son, with Jake)
Grandparents: Unknown man (maternal, deceased)
Wilma Marlowe (maternal, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Arlene Dillon (paternal)
Natalie Marlowe (maternal, deceased)
Cousins: Hayley Vaughan (paternal)
Tim Dillon (maternal)
Other relatives: Lorenzo Santos (paternal)
Romances: J.R. Chandler (lovers; 2005)
Jamie Martin (dated; 2005-2006)
Jonathan Lavery (lovers; 2007)
Jake Martin (lovers; 2008)
David Hayward (lovers; 2008)
J.R. Chandler (lovers; 2009)
David Hayward (affair/one night stand; 2010)
J.R. Chandler (affair/one night stand; 2010)
Amanda Dillon Martin is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actress History:Edit

  • Brett & Kevin Salvaggio (05/1992-05/1993; recurring)
  • Julia & Leigh Pikus (05/1993-05/1994; recurring)
  • Phoebe Cutter (05/1994-05/1996; recurring)
  • Alexis Manta (05/1996-05/2000)
  • Chrishell Stause (05/2005-09/2011)

Character History:Edit