Angie Baxter
Debbi Morgan
Debbi Morgan as Angie Baxter
All My Children
The City
Portrayed by: Debbi Morgan (1982-1990, 1993-1997, 2008-2011 & 2013)
Sandra Quarterman (1990-1991)
Duration: 1982-1990, 2008-2011 & 2013 (AMC)
1993-1995 (Loving)
1995-1997 (The City)
First appearance: January 1982 (AMC)
1993 (Loving)
1995 (The City)
Last appearance: September 2, 2013 (AMC)
1995 (Loving)
1997 (The City)
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Wisner Washam
Family: Baxter family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Chief of Staff of Pine Valley Hospital
Residence: 46 Chestnut Street
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Les Baxter (father, deceased)
Pat Baxter (mother, deceased)
Siblings: Teddy Baxter (brother)
Marital status: Jesse Hubbard (married; 05/2008-)
Past marriage(s): Jesse Hubbard (annulled; 1983)
Jesse Hubbard (dissolved; 1983-1988)
Charles Harrison (divorced; 1994-1995)
Jacob Foster (divorced; 1996-1997)
Children: Frankie Hubbard (son, with Jesse)
Cassandra Foster (adopted daughter, with Jacob)
Lucy Hubbard (daughter, with Jesse, deceased)
Natalia Fowler (step-daughter)
Grandchildren: William (grandson, via Frankie)
Aunts & uncles: Flora Baxter (paternal)
Romances: Jesse Hubbard (dated; 1982-1983)
John Remington (dated; 1988, deceased)
Jeff Martin (dated/engaged; 1988)
Cliff Warner (dated/engaged; 1988-1989)
Cal Cummings (lovers; 1990)
Derek Frye (dated; 1991)
Jacob Foster (affair/lovers; 1995)
Jesse Hubbard (dated/engaged; 2008)
Dr. Angela "Angie" Baxter Hubbard (formerly Harrison & Foster) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas All My Children, Loving & The City.

Actress History:Edit

  • Debbi Morgan (AMC: 03/1982-04/1990, 01/2008-09/2011 & 04/2013-09/2013 & Loving: 1993-1995 & The City: 1995-1997)
  • Sandra Quarterman (AMC: 04/1990-01/1991)

Character History:Edit