Dixie Cooney
Cady McClain
Cady McClaine as Dixie Cooney
All My Children
Portrayed by: Kari Gibson (1988)
Cady McClain (1988-1996, 1998-2002,
2005-2006, 2011 & 2013)

Duration: 1988-1996, 1998-2002, 2005-2006, 2011 & 2013
First appearance: July 1988
Last appearance: September 2, 2013
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Lorraine Broderick
Family: Cortlandt family
Hunkle family
Full name: Dixie Louise Cooney
Gender: Female
Occupation: Therapist
Residence: 3420 Canyon Drive
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Seabone Hunkle (father, deceased)
Bess Cooney (mother, deceased)
Siblings: Will Cortlandt (brother, deceased)
Lanie Cortlandt (sister)
Del Henry (paternal half-brother)
Di Henry (paternal half-sister, deceased)
Marital status: Tad Martin (dated/engaged; 08/2011-)
Past marriage(s): Adam Chandler (invalid; 1988-1989)
Tad Martin (divorced; 1989-1990)
Craig Lawson (divorced; 1991-1992)
Brian Bodine (divorced; 1992-1993)
Tad Martin (divorced; 1994-1996)
Tad Martin (divorced; 1999-2002)
Children: J.R. Chandler (son, with Adam)
Bess Martin (daughter, with Tad, deceased)
Kathy Martin (daughter, with Tad) {given up for adoption}
Grandchildren: A.J. Chandler (grandson, via J.R.)
Aunts & uncles: Palmer Cortlandt (maternal, deceased)
Unknown man (maternal, deceased)
Cousins: Ross Chandler (maternal)
Nina Cortlandt (maternal)
Andrew Preston (maternal; adopted)
Pete Cortlandt (maternal)
Caleb Cortlandt (maternal)
Other relatives: Julie Rand Chandler (maternal; adopted)
Bobby Warner (maternal; adopted)
Michael Warner (maternal)
Asher Pike (maternal)
Sam Grey (maternal; adopted)
Romances: Adam Chandler (affair/lovers; 1988)
Tad Martin (affair/lovers; 1989)
Ted Orsini (lovers; 1991, deceased)
Jonas (dated/engaged; 1997-1998)
David Hayward (affair/lovers; 2002)
Tad Martin (dated/engaged; 2011-)
Dixie Cooney (formerly Chandler, Martin, Lawson & Bodine) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actress History:Edit

  • Kari Gibson (07/1988-09/1988)
  • Cady McClain (10/1988-06/1996, 07/1998-02/2002, 12/2005-01/2007, 05/2011-09/2011 & 04/2013-09/2013; contract & 05/2008-06/2008 & 02/2010; recurring)

Other Information:Edit

  • Presumed deceased from May 10, 2002 to December 23, 2005
  • Presumed January 30, 2007 to May 15, 2011

Character History:Edit