Erica Kane
Susan Lucci
Susan Lucci as Erica Kane
All My Children
Portrayed by: Susan Lucci
Duration: 1970-2011
First appearance: January 16, 1970
Last appearance: September 23, 2011
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Family: Kane family
Gender: Female
Born: November 2, 1962
(originally November 2, 1954)
Occupation: Co-producer of a movie based on her book Erica Kane
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Parents: Eric Kane (father, deceased)
Mona Kane (mother, deceased)
Siblings: Mark Dalton (paternal half-brother)
Silver Kane (paternal half-sister, deceased)
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Jeff Martin (divorced; 1971-1974)
Phil Brent (divorced; 1976)
Tom Cudahy (annulled; 1978-1981)
Adam Chandler (divorced; 1984-1993)
Travis Montgomery (invalid; 1987-1988)
Travis Montgomery (invalid; 1989-1990)
Adam Chandler (invalid; 1991-1992)
Dimitri Marick (divorced; 1994-1995)
Dimitri Marick (divorced; 1996-1999)
Jackson Montgomery (divorced; 2005-2007)
Children: Kendall Hart (daughter, with Richard) {given up for adoption}
Josh Madden (son, with Jeff, deceased) {originally aborted}
Unnamed child (with Phil, deceased)
Bianca Montgomery (daughter, with Travis)
Unnamed child (with Dimitri, deceased)
Grandchildren: Spike Lavery (grandson, via Kendall)
Ian Slater (grandson, via Kendall)
Miranda Montgomery (granddaughter, via Bianca)
Gabrielle Montgomery (granddaughter, via Bianca)
Nieces & nephews: Julie Rand Chandler (niece)
Romances: Richard Fields (he raped her; 19??, deceased)
Chuck Tyler (dated; 1970)
Jason Maxwell (affair/lovers; 1971, deceased)
Nick Davis (dated/engaged; 1977-1978, deceased)
Brandon Kingley (affair/lovers; 1978)
Kent Bogard (dated; 1979)
Jeremy Hunter (dated; 1987, deceased)
Jackson Montgomery (affair/lovers; 1987)
Charlie Brent (dated; 1990)
Jackson Montgomery (dated/engaged; 1991)
Jonathan Kinder (lovers; 1995)
Mike Roy (dated; 1998)
David Hayward (dated/engaged; 1999-2001)
Chris Stamp (dated/engaged; 2001-2002)
Jackson Montgomery (dated/engaged; 2002-2004)
Jackson Montgomery (dated/engaged; 2005)
Jeff Martin (affair/one night stand; 2007)
Jackson Montgomery (dated; 2007)
Adam Chandler (dated; 2008)
Ryan Lavery (lovers; 2010)
Jackson Montgomery (dated/engaged; 2010-2011)
Erica Kane (formerly Martin, Brent, Cudahy, Chandler, Montgomery & Marick) is a fictional character o the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actress History:Edit

  • Susan Lucci (01/1970-09/2011)

Character History:Edit